your Secret Treasure

About Me

As a self proclaimed sapiosexual, I relish intellectually stimulating conversations with inspirational insights and thought provoking perceptions. I'm always eager to learn. What can you teach me? We could converse over a glass of wine as you share your wisdom, giving your advice and guidance allowing us to experience a deeper connection. Having a naturally nurturing disposition enables me to cater to your every need flawlessly; whether it's cuddles on lonely nights, a great listener on a bad day or a tantalizing journey of the senses, I am the one you’ve been searching for. 

Those who know me describe my personality as confident and ambitious, yet down to earth and easy to talk to about anything. Let me be your confidant. I love to joke and be witty. It delights me to make you laugh and see you smile! Laughter is contagious and is a great source of release. Would you like to release with me? Books are my happy place and you can often find me browsing Indigo for a good new read. Having studied dance for more than a decade and educated in audio engineering, music and dance are the key to my soul.


I pride myself on providing a relaxing atmosphere with hypnotic tunes, scented candles lighting our cozy surroundings where we can both be our most comfortable and engaging. A true romantic at heart who loves to give cuddles and affection, I forever crave sweet embraces and passionate kisses.As a seasoned masseuse I've developed a keen intuition on how to use my womanly wiles and delectable curves to seduce your body, responding to each escaped whisper of ecstasy as you become consumed by a rush of primal passion. A sensualist at heart, I absolutely love to be the giver of so much pleasure, taking complete control of your essence and leaving you begging for more! There's so much more I'd love to share with you but I'd like to save that for a more personal setting. Perhaps a cozy walk by the shore or cocktails in an intimate lounge. Or even better, a delectable dinner date where we can privately explore dessert together?




An exotic treat with a passionate fire exuding a seductive aura and an intoxicating scent. My long luxurious red hair full of bedroom curls drape over my full, all natural, 36G bosoms and silky smooth olive toned skin. Blessed with beguiling caramel eyes that are alluring yet wildly mischievous. I have an infectiously radiant smile with supple lips made for sweet sensual kisses. My curves are of the dangerous kind, so grip firmly on to my hips while our bodies intimately embrace as you hunger for more

 I'd like to thank you for taking the time to indulge in your curiosities with me. I hope you’re more at ease, but even more so, completely enchanted. Allow yourself to indulge in a passionate endeavor filled with exhilarating sensations with a trustworthy confidant using the utmost discretion. Treat yourself to an undeniably authentic connection that will leave us both with treasured memories for years to come. I look forward to meeting you where my focus will be completely on us as we explore your deepest desires in tandem. I can't wait! Are you ready?



Alexis Valdez
Toronto, ON
5' 2"
Deep Magenta
Bedroom Curls
A few
A few
Mature, respectful gentlemen, Fine dining, , Gifts, Generous clients, Sense of humor, Well-groomed, Successful businessmen
Clients who are late, Rude behavior, Aggressiveness, Poor hygeine, Bad breath, Unshowered guests
Men, Women, Couples, Bachelor Parties