your Secret Treasure


To assure your total enjoyment of my company, I ask that you please read and follow these simple guidelines.


The Envelope:

  • Incall - within the first few minutes as you enter, kindly place the investment in an unsealed envelope and leave it on the kitchen counter prior to the commencement of our date. 
  • Outcall - please place the unsealed envelope in the bathroom clearly visible prior to my arrival. I should never have to ask.
  • In Public - if we are meeting in public, the investment can be placed in a greeting card, a bouquet of flowers or in a gift bag. 



My rates are fixed and are in Canadian Dollars. The total fee includes my personal consideration, and must be presented in full prior to the commencement of our session. Please provide the cash donation discreetly in a concealed envelope or card at the beginning of our time together.



Bookings made 24hrs or more in advance are preferred, but I do accept same day appointments where possible. I cannot guarantee special requests on such short notice.


Appointment Confirmation (the day of): 

You must email or call to confirm your appointment the day of. Although I absolutely prioritize booked appointments, if I do not receive a confirmation 2hrs before you are due to arrive, I cannot guarantee I will be able to keep our booking. This policy helps to ensure that those who are committed to seeing me are able to do so, and that my time is being managed wisely.



Be kind and considerate; don't be too rough (unless I ask you to spank me!). Tell me what you want, what you like and enjoy and what you seek from me. Communication is the key to making this experience the most enjoyable!



Our time together begins when you join me after you've showered. Please make note of what time our session will end, and do make sure to consider that we will need at least 5 minutes to shower at the end. Unless you have told me earlier during our session that you wish to extend our date, please do not overstay the time allotted for our appointment; this will ensure the most organic end to our meetings in order to preserve the fantasy.



Discretion is important to me, as is the trust you invest in me when filling out my booking form. Any personal information you share with me through any medium will remain 100% confidential and I ask that, in return, you please refrain from sharing personal details about myself with others and in online forums. 


Late arrival/cancellation policy: 

If you are going to be late for our appointment, call or email to notify me asap so I can make any pertinent adjustments. If you are unable to make it to our appointment and have to cancel within the 24hrs prior to our engagement I accept giftcards as an apology for the first time, should there be a second a 50% cancellation fee will be required for future bookings or the termination of our aquaintance.