your Secret Treasure

Date Packages

Cocktail Hour

-As a seasoned bartender I fell in love with the many variations of delicious cocktails, so let’s hit up a cozy lounge where we can sip on a cocktail while we have some laughs and get to know each other before we head for our more private nightcap.

- 3hrs $1000


An Enchanted Evening

-A mini foodie at heart, I enjoy all types of cuisine. There's nothing I won't try at least once! We can dine at one of Toronto's many amazing restaurants, enjoying delectable dinner as we exchange lingering gazes and flirtatious smiles, imagining how delicious dessert will be! 

- 4-5hrs $1200


An All Day Affair

-Lets spend the day throwing caution to the wind and have ourselves a grand adventure exploring our surrounding city and then each other more privately. Inquire about one of my many date ideas so we can plan a rendezvous together and cater to our mutual pleasures.

- 6-8hrs $1500


Good Morning Sunshine!

-What's better than having a magical evening together? How about falling asleep in your arms and waking up next to you! Followed by a morning filled with kisses and cuddles while enjoying breakfast in bed as we whisper sweet nothings in each other's ear. 

- 12-14hrs $2,500


The World Is Our Oyster

-We can plan an exciting fun filled day with all kinds of wonderful debauchery to be had, or perhaps you prefer a more relaxing environment such as a spa day for 2, complete with intimate sensual time. Our time is completely customizable to our desires.

- 24hrs $4000


Weekend Getaway 

-Lets run away together and get lost in each other as time escapes us and we watch the sunset and sunrise, absolutely enchanted by the company of one another, never wanting it to end. 

- 2 days $5000